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Career Fair #districtofchoices

Posted Date: 03/22/2018

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Students from PHS and TTAEC had an opportunity to learn about over sixty potential careers at the PHS Career Fair.  There were over seventy presneters on topics including: Real Estate, Banking Industry, Personal Trainer, Teacher, Dance/Choreographer, Architect, Chiropractor, Pipe Fitter, Minister, Animal Trainer, Psychologist, Nurse, Xray Tech/Radiologists, Medical Assistant, Broadcast Journalism, Cosmetologist, Writer, Farmer, Vetrinarian, Game Warden, Interior Design, Police Officer, Lawyer, plus many others. 

Something new this year, some of the presentations were presented via Skype with Perryton High School Graduates as far away as Brooklyn, New York.  

See photos below of some of the presentations: